Spyder is a compelling edge of the seat thriller – Rakul Preet


Spyder is a compelling edge-of-the-seat thriller – Rakul Preet


“When my manager told me that there’s an offer for AR Murugadoss-Mahesh Babu’s film, I pestered him to close the deal immediately,” Rakul laughs recounting the incident, and adds, “I didn’t even want to hear the script before signing the film because I love AR Murugadoss’ work so much. The narrative in his films is very crisp. Thankfully, everything worked out well and I was on cloud nine to be part of a dream team. Just for the record, I did listen to the script after I signed the film [laughs].”

It also marks her comeback to Tamil cinema after a gap of three years. “Spyder is also my biggest film till date. With Murugadoss-Mahesh Babu-Santosh Sivan onboard, I knew I was in good company,” she adds. In the film, Rakul plays Charlie, a medical student, and the actress describes the character as someone who’s “silly and clumsy”. “Charlie is bit of a dreamer and she thinks that she knows it all. I could relate to the silly and clumsy part of the role [laughs[, because I’m like that in real life too. I keep falling down, tripping over things, reading into things when nothing actually happens. It’s like my mind works faster than my body,” Rakul confesses. “Spyder is a compelling edge-of-the-seat thriller, but my part is in a lighter vein and it’ll make you smile.”

Touted to be a action thriller made with a budget of Rs 125 crores, the stakes are quite high for Spyder in both Telugu and Tamil.It’s quite evident from the teasers so far that a bulk of the action revolves around Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah, who plays the antagonist in the film. Ask Rakul about what’s her takeaway from a film like this, she confesses, “It’s the experience of working with some wonderful people that I’ll cherish the most. Murugadoss is a joy to work with. He’ll tell you what the scene is and then, he gives you the freedom to figure it out and enact the scene. I understand that not every film will be centered around you. This year I had Rarandoi Veduka Choodham and Jaya Janaki Nayaka, where I played the central role, but Spyder is in a very different space. I learnt a lot subconsciously throughout this journey. I mean, it’s amazing when you get to talk to someone like Santosh Sivan about his life experiences, his collaboration with Mani Ratnam, how he made Asoka. I love having conversations like these and being a chatty person that I’m, there was hardly a dull moment.”



She remembers conversations she has had with her co-star Mahesh Babu. “We bonded a lot over fitness. What I really admire about him is that he’s a complete family person. He loves having his kids come over on the sets and his family is his priority, no matter how busy he is. I had an amazing time working with him.”The actress is all praise for cinematographer Santosh Sivan, whose style of working amazed the whole team. “Let me put this way — he’s someone who’ll make your skin glow even if you are tired. His lighting pattern is very different. I remember once when we were shooting for ‘Haali Haali’ (song), Mahesh Babu remarked, ‘Looking at the way Santosh Sivan is capturing us on camera, I’m afraid people will end up thinking that we actually look this good off screen too.’

Spyder was shot in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously, and it turned out to be quite a exhausting experience for the cast. So, when Murugadoss asked the lead pair if they want to shoot in Tamil first or Telugu, both of them agreed to shoot in Tamil first since they were already quite comfortable with Telugu lines.Rakul says “We had to constantly switch between the two versions for every shot and it becomes like a bheja fry situation after a point! And you know what’s even tougher? Dancing to songs in a bilingual film! The choreography changes because the lyrics change and thus, your expressions have to be different. You can’t replicate the dance moves just like that because it’ll convey a different meaning if the dance doesn’t match the lyrics.”

Snippets from Rakul’s interview by CR Hemanth (First Post)


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