Spyder – Powerhouse Performer meets an Intelligent Craftsman


It was a seemingly calm night. A group of simple, hard-working people were standing around a tired but determined Jeevanandam. Their eyes burnt with hope. Jeevanandam’s little sister brings him cup of coffee, and after looking at a book on his table just asks him in a offhandish way what Communism is. After thinking for a moment Jeevanandam replies “The next Idli that you eat after you’re fully sated, does not belong to you.” I still remember sitting in the audience stunned when this scene – which hardly had any effect on the plot – played on the screen. While people kept talking about the fights in the movie it was this scene that stuck in my head hours after the movie finished. As a teacher myself, I know that it’s not important that you sound intelligent. It’s more important that you have the ability to speak to your class in a way that they can understand. The sheer simplicity with which Murugadoss explained such a complex philosophical concept was something that stayed with me for a long time. And it’s this grounded brilliance that best describes Murugadoss’ brand of film making. The ideas he tackles are up there in the sky, while his stories are grounded, his characters relatable (despite their job profiles), and his emotions realistic. I was long intrigued into thinking how a movie with him and Mahesh Babu would be. Mahesh has proven a long time ago and has continued proving with every movie he does, that he will give his all to the director’s vision and Murugadoss’ vision is right there among the most inspiring ones. Murugadoss is a great director, not because of his technical brilliance, but because of the depth of thought that his scripts show. It is a characteristic that sets him apart from most of his contemporaries.

So imagine my joy when I heard the announcement about Spyder. It felt too good to be true. Good actors need good scripts and directors to click, great stars need to just connect with the audience to click. But Mahesh has proven time and time again that he stands a class apart. He is a Great actor and an Amazing star. When he gets a good script, he does something amazing with it. He raises it well above its potential. He does that by getting so into the skin of his character, that the audience start feeling what he is feeling. And that’s what sets him apart from his peers. Many other actors entertain. Mahesh makes you feel. You felt his pain as he spoke to the kid at a funeral in Nenokkadine. You felt his rage and frustration as he shivered while he spoke to the kidnapper in Athidhi. You felt his annoyance when the villagers followed him in Khaleja. You felt his heart breaking pain when he saw his father’s corpse in Nijam. You felt it all. I know that you did, because I felt it too. And Mahesh with time has understood that his strength lies exactly in that – Narrating Stories and feelings. He is not a traditional Superstar. He doesn’t find success in ‘star vehicles’ posing as films that most stars seem to revel in. He finds success in stories, in movies like Murari, Okkadu, Pokiri, Businessman and Srimanthudu. Movies like Khaleja and Nenokkadine have proved that, even his apparent ‘commercial failures’ have succeeded in places it matters most – the hearts of his audience. All this proves one thing without a second thought. Mahesh is a thinking man’s Superstar.


Keeping all this in mind, when my friend asked me to write about what to expect from Spyder, I had only one thought. I expect to be taken on a ride. As a fan, and an avid movi- goer, there is only one way to watch this movie. I’ve decided to surrender myself to the depth and brilliance of Murugadoss’ vision and just experience the sheer range of emotions that Mahesh’s performance will take me through. That is what Entertainment is all about!

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