The Royal Prince

The Royal Prince

He is tall! He is Intense! There is a Boyish Charm and an Intense Aura around him! He is a Natural! He Commands his Presence in a Film! This is probably the First Impression any Open-Minded Person will get when he Watches a Well Known Telugu Film Actor on Screen! No Second Guesses as to His Name! Yes! It’s the Person we fondly call “Superstar” and “Prince” – Mahesh Babu!

There are Probably just a Handful of Star-Sons throughout the Earth, who gain a Higher Popularity than their Star Parent! And Mahesh stands out among them like the Moon amidst Stars! And the Reasons are Innumerable. We List Out a Few!

1. Actor of Pure Class – Any Guy can speak out a Set of Dialogues! Few can actually act! But there are very Few, in fact just a Handful who Live their Roles! Lighting the Screen alight with their acting is no easy Task! And Mahesh stands out as one of those Few in the Contemporary Telugu Cinema who can underplay and Dramatize at the Same Time! And such actors are a Minority! Every time a Person thinks about ‘Pokiri’ he remembers Pandu – The Carefree Ruffian with Morals and Krishna Manohar – The Righteous Undercover Cop! And this fact itself Speaks Volumes of the Kind of Actor he is! He Doesn’t Play a Character! He Lives it!

2. Dedication Beyond Compare – Twitter is probably a Platform Majority of the Celebrities use to Connect to their Fans! We’ve Seen Loads of Actors tweeting from their Shooting Spot! They Tweet about what they Do, What they don’t and some even Chat during their Shoot! But Mahesh is one of those Few Actors, probably in the Entire World who doesn’t carry his PDA to the Shoot! When asked, he shrugs saying “It’s a Principle!” This Act itself is Proof Enough that Mahesh is one of the Most, if not the Most Dedicated Actors alive! And this Fact Sets him far apart from Most of his Peers!

3. Ever-Expanding – Mahesh is One Actor who improves each time he Acts! Most Actors once they Achieve Success tend to Stagnate! But Mahesh, keeps getting Enhanced! Some People say that Perfection cannot be improved! Mahesh is One Example to prove that it can! The Great Author Washington Irving once said – “Acting provides the fulfillment of never being fulfilled. You’re never as good as you’d like to be. So there’s always something to hope for.” This Quote just about describes Mahesh perfectly! From the ‘Boy on a Mission’ in “Rajakumaradu” to the Intense Portrayal of a Man out to take revenge in “Aagadu” – Mahesh has come a Long Way! While “Pokiri” was remade in 3 other Languages, No Other actor was able to reach up to the Standard Mahesh Set for the Movie! The Fact that he has Won 6 Nandi & 4 FilmFare Awards in a Span of 14 Years is Proof enough of his Ever-Improving acting abilities!

Yes! There is more than sufficient proof to say that “Mahesh is an Actor beyond Compare”. And when we talk about Popularity, well, have one look at the Pokiri Records and you have your answer! Not Satisfied? Ok! Here’s another fact! Mahesh currently endorses 14 National and International Brands, which is much more than any Contemporary Telugu Actor! Yes! Even the Top Corporate Brands vouch for his Immense Popularity! Yes! Time is not a Factor when we talk about his Popularity! His Popularity is Unquestionable and his Acting Impeccable!

So just like a Lion which Roars to Reiterate its Royalty, the “Prince” of Telugu Cinema is all ready to Roar and Establish his Royalty in the Industry!


Compiled/Edited by :: Martin


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